Fenerbahce 6-0 Menemen Belediye Spor – Highlights (Turkey – Cup)

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Fenerbahce, Turkey Cup in Kadikoy fight was faced with Menemen Belediyespor. Fenerbahce, Menemen Belediyespor was able to defeat 6-0. Throwing 3 goals in the fight fernandao made a hat-trick.

Fernandao highlights Fenerbahce (3), Skrtel scored Samed Karakoçan and Stoch. Fenerbahce he pulled three points to 7 points. Menemen Belediyespor ranks 3rd in the group.

Fenerbahce – Menemen Belediyespor (LIVE Narration)

6 minutes Miroslav Stoch ‘s middle with his left front of the pole to the invention Fernandao ‘s header went in a different way from the top. 8 minutes Neustadter Fernandao mobilized for the offside flag long ball from his own half of the field was sent up. Ismail entered the penalty area from the left 13 minutes Köybaşı made after the middle of the line but the defense took away the danger.

Sener Özbayraklı the right wing after 16 minutes left cross in the middle of the penalty spot with his hard Saleh came flying from the ground. Saleh went to a corner shot hit a defender. 19 minutes Meet at the ball Erman Kilic passing Karaoğlu Efe Fabiano stayed in the middle of the keeper. 22 minutes  per ball in a corner kick from the right wing Fenerbahce won Miroslav Stoch has passed. Meet at the back post by the middle of the Stoch Martin Skrtel’s arrival drew a shot, but the ball went just over the bar.

Fernandao scored amazing

37 minutes GOOOLLL !! Fenerbahce, which Fernandao at jeneriklik goal gets 1-0 advantage in the match.

Skertel difference 2 released

41 minutes GOOOLLL !! Skrtel, scored 2 goal difference is making.

The second half began

the first whistle of the second half played in the struggle. Menemen from the right wing 48 minutes per Belediyespor won the ball in the corner Mustafa Sen arrived. His middle Yasin Gure’s head shot was the goalkeeper Fabiano Ribeiro. After 58 minutes, Miroslav Stoch’s cross from the right place at the penalty spot and rust shot the invention Fernandao collect the check turned to defense.

GOOOOLLL! Fenerbahce pulled through 3

after 67 minutes, Fenerbahce, goal difference is Fernandao scored off 3. GOOOLL !! Fenerbahce, Samed Karakoc goal lead as he did at 4-0. Pulling a beautiful goal difference to Samed Karakoc evolved remove 4.

Fernandao hat-trick was

GOOOLL !! Fernandao making the score 5-0 after 78 minutes. Sener Özbayraklı to pass the ball diagonally right Fernandao inventions, entered into the penalty area. Goalkeeper Amir pulled his shot well from wrestling Fernandao peel and remove the difference 5A. Fernandao made it a hat-trick goal.

Lantern show: 6-0

golll !! Fenerbahce’s Miroslav Stoch scored to make the difference released 6.

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