Lazio 1-0 Crotone – Highlights (Serie A)

Published on 08/01/2017 by playfootball365
Here comes again Ciro Immobile. After seven days of fasting the bomber back to score and signature to the 45 ‘of the second half the match-winner against Crotone. An uphill victory for the team Inzaghi, who met with more difficulty than expected against the courageous formation of Nicola. Very careful Calabrian defending team only to give up at the end. The Biancocelesti incartano three points to consolidate fourth place on the eve of 117esimo club birthday.
PENALTY AGAINST CROSS – Inzaghi raises Hoedt in defense. It also changes the wings: disqualified Felipe Anderson and Lulic, Keita committed to the African Nations Cup, and Luis Alberto Lombardi space, which is the first-team in Serie A. Nicola terraced Festival in goal in place of Cordaz, stopped by disqualification. Sampirisi is preferred Rosi for the defensive right lane, while Stoian detects Palladino on the left of midfield. Stiff boot. At 16 ‘, the Lazio goal annulled for offside Lombardi. At 23 ‘, good chance to block, but festival stretches to divert. Lazio fails to give punch to the offensive game.And at 30 ‘also it wastes a penalty after a foul on Stoian Lombardi. The blow Biglia from the spot bounces off the crossbar. A minute later still Feast Highlights: opposes Parolo. The team starts to carburetor Inzaghi forward.However Marchetti to signalize leading to 36 ‘: the instinct goalkeeper deflected a close conclusion of Falcinelli. To 39 ‘, still Parolo shooting and Festival flies. Lazio up the pace, but the defensive bunkers of Crotone resists.
SHOT OF PROPERTY – In the opening shot, Nicola Palladino puts in place Stoian. Lazio lunges forward among the many defensive traps of Calabria, which are very effective also on the pressure with a plan. 13 ‘flies over the crossbar un’incornata De Vrij. 24 ‘Crotone hits, but the action had just been stopped for offside Rohden. Inzaghi tries to rekindle the right wing after 32 ‘Kishna replaces Lombardi. Lazio very hectic and inaccurate during setup.Nicola is covered with Rosi that detects Trotta. Inzaghi enters the former Cataldi and the bomber of Spring, Rossi, who debut in A, and draws Biglia bench and Luis Alberto. Final assault of the Biancocelesti. 40 ‘Festa is exalted on a razor Building. Who broke the deadlock five minutes after pouncing on a ball poorly controlled Martella. Explodes the joy of the Olympic bomber tenth goal of the season. The five minutes of recovery do not change anything. Lazio celebrates and the Croton suffers the most atrocious mockery.
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