North Korea 2-1 USA – Highlights (FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup)

Published on 29/11/2016 by playfootball365

All goals, Full Match, Full Highlights, Highlights Extended, score and goals:  North Korea 2-1 USA – Highlights (FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup)

Korean Women’s U20 are good candidates for the championship. This team, along with France U20 Women remain stable compared to the times before are present within 4 best teams. Meanwhile, this is the back semi-finals of the US U20 Women after being eliminated in the tournament before. Witnessing what was shown in Papua New Guinea, the Korean Women’s U20 team that they have a very formidable force when actually turn passes the Swedish U20 Women, Female Brazilian U20 or U20 Women Spain emerging within Quarterfinals. However, a disadvantage with the Asian team’s ability to maintain performance, experience and especially physically worn down considerably after 120 minutes before U20 Women Spain in the quarterfinals. Meanwhile, though not really convincing, but the journey towards the semifinals of the US Women’s U20 showed collective appearance quite sure. The main work is not appreciated as making the US U20 Women stone easier than in this tournament. Weapons of North America team is any player who can shine through diverse gameplay and not focus on any stars. So do not be surprised if the US U20 Women won the right to the final.

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