RB Leipzig 2-0 Hertha Berlin – Highlights (Bundesliga)

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The newcomer celebrates against the Old Lady the next three and accepts for now again the standings. Hertha, however, has little to. The analysis.

RB Leipzig won the first competitive match ever against Hertha BSC decided for themselves and thus temporarily back the championship lead. Gameday on 15 of the Bundesliga , the Red Bulls have won on home soil with 2: 0 (1: 0) and won now in six of seven home games.

42,558 spectators in the sold-out Red Bull Arena, the home side went just before the break by Timo Werner in guide (40).

Thus Werner scored this season as many goals as in his two last seasons for Stuttgart in 65 games. By now nine season hits the 20-year-old is not only Leipzig’s top scorer, but also unerring art German players in the Bundesliga this season.

After just over an hour increased Leipzig Captain Willi Orban with his second goal of the season at 2: 0th Mitchell Weiser was substituted struck on eleven minutes. For the same reason Leipzig Naby Keita was to break into the cabin.

In each of the seven Bundesliga home games, Leipziger went 1: 0 lead and gave then only against Gladbach at 1: 1 at 4. Gameday still points from. Ralph Hasenhüttl has now won in his coaching career against the capital club after previously four defeats to Hertha BSC for the first time.

The movie:

Pre Match:  A change in Leipzig compared to 0: 1 in Ingolstadt: Bernardo, the first time comes after meniscus damage again since 9. Matchday, Schmitz replaced (Bank).

Five New hand at Hertha after 0: start Hegeler, slide, Allan, Weiser and Haraguchi instead of Langkamp (injured), Pekarik, Skjelbred, Darida and Esswein (all bank): 1 against Bremen. For Hegeler it is the first Startelfeinsatz this season. Torunarigha is the first time in the first team of the Old Lady.

7 .:  Sabitzer plays from the center the ball through the area perfectly in the running to Halstenberg, Forsberg jumps above the bar. The left-back draws immediately left from seven meters from an acute angle from – Jarstein defends bärenstark from!

24 .:  Poulsen coming from the left into the box and lays back from the baseline to the penalty spot. There waiting Forsberg and pulling with left flat. Jarstein again reacted well, clearance pops Forsberg about it.

40th, 1: 0, Werner:  Keita is not pressed in the center 19 meters from the Hertha goal and plays a great ball in the Srafraum. There Lustenberger is not at Werner. The attacker takes the ball and pushes from four meters into the left corner.

53 .:  Forsberg takes a corner from the right in the middle. Central heads Bernardo to Halstenberg, whose header Jarstein deflected over the bar.

62., 2: 0, Orban:  Forsberg Corner lands at the near post with Orban. The is free completely unmarked and heads with force a. Jarstein is off, but has no chance.

79 .:  recognized goal for Leipzig, but rightly Offsides: Forsberg shot but instead ends up in the box at Poulsen, which draws with the left and forcing Jarstein to next strong parade. The rebound sunk Orban, however, was standing with two teammates offside.

Conclusion:  Leipzig took on the spot control of the game, earned the lead and built this also deserves from. From Hertha came nothing offensive. Deserved home win for RB.

The star of the game:  Emil Forsberg. Very good understanding of the game, extremely fast action, technically strong, the ball almost without error – an impeccable game of Sweden. At 2: 0 with his eighth assist and 13 Torbeteiligung this season. He is the best preparer of the league.

Flop of the Match:  Fabian Lustenberger. Defensive not really at the height. Must the 0: 1 to be closer to scorer Werner, and the 0: 2 leaves him and his defensive colleagues do not look good. Lost also has two-thirds of his tackles.

The Referee:  Marco Fritz. Committed together with his team an early mistake when he mistakenly did not see slide at a Herthaner counterattack opportunity for offside (4). In addition, with minor problems in the duel review, a blunder not made Fritz however. The putative 3: 0 not recognize by Orban was correct.

The fell on:

  • Hertha tried to counter against the ball Leipzig Pressing with a 4-4-2. The formation pushed sometimes out wide and ran early. RB went fast, to adapt to the increased possession game. However, Hertha drew the efforts of the hosts frequently into the center where the Berlin had a higher defensive stability and tidy defended. [Component: R]
  • Hertha Umschaltspiel was barely existent, the rare counterattack opportunities were played sloppy. To pause the pass rate of the capital city was less than 55 percent, which was undercut by the Hertha since the start of data collection in 2004/05 only twice. The first ball action of the guests in the penalty box, it was only after 30 minutes.
  • Leipzig held the pace permanently high and urged the opponents deeper into their own half, there was relief for Hertha hardly. Problem: The central focus succeeded RB rarely break through to the wings to the baseline and to come in the middle,
  • After the break Dardai modified by the acceptance of Darida the first line of defense for his team. These now formed the Czech and Ibisevic, slide came propagated through on the left. That left the game but do not look different. Offensive relief there was virtually no, only minutes after 81 Hertha entered the first corner.
  • The home side drew their aggressive line to the end through and choked by good out back and counter pressing the Berlin possession early in the bud. Especially target player Poulsen and strategist Forsberg had a big part in that Leipzig was also set in the second section in the Hertha half.
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