Sassuolo 0-0 Torino – Highlights (Serie A)

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Taurus brakes in his run to the Europa League, if braking can be defined as a draw on the field of emergency still in Sassuolo, but still alive enough to stop bleeding from three consecutive defeats. Three confirmations: the Toro external performance is not racing (only 9 points out of 29); the first game after the winter break is not his stuff, if it is true that he does not win the 1995; if not mark Belotti, who interrupted a streak of three races in a row goals, it makes much more effort to find the door. In the last 20 ‘it reviews Berardi, to return from injury that kept him at rest for four and a half months.
A conclusion of David Zappacosta, 24 years.  LaPresse

A conclusion of David Zappacosta, 24 years. LaPresse

CHOICES – Di Francesco, despite the emergency injuries exacerbated by disqualification Mazzitelli and Pellegrini, has not given up 4-3-3, backing Ragusa in the role of midfielder and raising the trident Politano (returning after almost two months). Soon to debut, not only out of necessity, new signing Aquilani – by midfielder, with Sensi play – while the defense space Letschert alongside Acerbi. Mihajlovic, despite having recovered Castan and Baselli least among the available, gave confidence to Moretti and Obi, tried for a long week. Does not change the three-pronged offensive: the “shot” Iturbe began his adventure grenade on the bench.
INVERTED SCREAM – More Torino Sassuolo in the first half, but the team Mihajlovic does not collect as creates, finding superiority especially on the flanks where Benassi (Obi) and Barreca (for the same Benassi) draw cross that deserve head shots best. But the grenade pressure is intermittent and only around half an hour, first with an invitation for Zappacosta Ljajic that does not hook and then a millimeter launch Valdifiori for Belotti (high shot), certifies the final mastery of the game of the team Mihajlovic. Sassuolo hard too find his offensive automatic (just a flash of Politano after 9 ‘, but Ricci terrible closes the cut with a shattered shooting) and fails to gain meters even in the restart. Francesco, given the difficulties of Ragusa of Benassi, also called the change of system: 4-2-3-1 with Ragusa highest Politano and free to move behind the isolated Defrel this far, but it is still the Taurus to go near to the lead with Belotti, that of yet another Zappacosta cross just past the post with an upside to scream.
Domenico Berardi, 22, takes over from Politano, 23: back on the field after four and a half months.  Handle

Domenico Berardi, 22, takes over from Politano, 23: back on the field after four and a half months. Handle

OFFSIDE CROSS – The real Toro virtually ends there, because in the second half was a dramatic drop from the intensity point of view and therefore the danger. Also because the Sassuolo, settled better in the new tactical version, Aquilani is in a great inspirer and move forward the center of gravity of at least thirty meters. Real scoring opportunities, however, not received by both parties. Despite Mihajlovic face Iturbe debut in place of Ljajic and Di Francesco – who in the final attempt also front-wheel drive with a 4-2-4 Matri – togethers after four and a half months Berardi, which highlights in particular with his kicks from standstill, that have not lost dangerousness: twice puts Ragusa front of the door, but once it is almost surprised by the trajectory (Hart and finds its deviation him) and the second, time expired, hits the bar but in offside.
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