Thailand 4-0 Myanmar (Agg 6-0) – Highlights (AFF Suzuki Cup)

Published on 08/12/2016 by playfootball365

All goals, Full Match, Full Highlights, Highlights Extended, score and goals: Thailand 4-0 Myanmar (Agg 6-0) – Highlights (AFF Suzuki Cup)

Coupled with a 2-0 win in the first leg, Thailand defeated Myanmar 6-0 total after two turns and into the final match with an unbeaten record. Whether on home field, Thailand still play slow, even giving the ball to Myanmar in the first minutes. After 33 minutes, the home side have opener following a simple first wing attacks. The makers of the midfielder Sarawut Masuk.
At this point, the two teams open and create more chances to score. Among them, the most remarkable side of Myanmar’s Aung Kyaw he struck the ball and kick 38 minutes into the dam’s crossbar with 48 minutes Paing Than 65 Minutes, Thailand have been awarded a penalty after Aung Kyaw Masuk kicking people in penalty. On penalties, beat goalkeeper Bunmathan Theerathon Phyo Zin. In the opener, Bunmathan who pass for Masuk.
After the second goal, the players Myanmar signs of impatience and not remain calm. They quarrel with the home players following a collision situations. Even Myanmar’s coaching staff also did not remain calm. After a cross reaction with the referee, coach Gerd Zeise steering disqualified.


69 minutes, Thailand almost scored the third goal after a tape out of the keeper’s mistake Phyo Zin. Shooting opportunity on the goal keeper of Yoyeen no longer be David Htan out. However, the home side only had to wait seven minutes to score more goals. The makers of the Siroch Chatthong. This is Kiatisuk player came on in the break between the two innings, instead of Teerasil Dangda.
Pick a long pass from Chappuis, Myanmar Chatthong beat defenders one on one phase and the roof came off the crossbar Zin Phyo goalkeeper grid. 83 minutes, turn “Messi Thai” Chanathip Songkrasin merits. This diminutive midfielder received a pass from Masuk shot and easily positioned in Myanmar.


The best players play this game Thai side as Sarawut Masuk. He scored the opener, brought about a penalty and played a tectonic phase. This is the third phase of AFF Cup Masuk in 2016, equal to Boaz Solossa and poor Indonesian team in the race Dangda scorer.
Scored four goals against Myanmar and not to concede a goal, Thailand continued to show strength in the playground area. Kiatisuk only way teacher-student confrontation with Indonesia, the team they beat 4-2 in the group stage, on the road to defend the championship. 14/12, the final leg will take place in the courtyard Pakansari in Bogor, Indonesia. Then three days, the second leg will play golf at Rajamangala in Bangkok, Thailand.

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